Rambo Has Landed

Posted by Richard on Jun 2nd 2021

Rambo Has Landed

In 1982 an American Icon was born as well as a new Hollywood superstar. First Blood made Sylvester Stallone and perhaps more importantly, Rambo, household names. We've all seen the movies where John Rambo returns from Vietnam trying to somehow fit back into society but ends up having to defend himself and others from enemies foreign and domestic. 

Starting in 1982 with First Blood, Rambo appeared in 5 moves that spanned 37 years, ending with Last Blood in 2019. We think, that unless Rambo is going to take on the nursing staff at the Shady Rest Retirement Home the series has come to an end. All jokes aside these movies created an icon for sure and the knives that appeared in these movies are no different.

Now Apocalypse1 is proud to carry to of these iconic knives. Though these knives may not be the your first choice to take out in your survival scenario or your next camping trip they are definitely sharp and functional. These are beautiful knives and the coolness factor is off the charts.

The Rambo First Blood Part II knife

Was designed by James Buel Lile, aka Jimmy Lile or "The Arkansas Knifesmith", an icon in his own rite. This is an officially licensed reproduction covering every detail from the compass in the butt cap, the survival kit in the handle and the saw back blade. At 2.4 lbs. and a 15" overall length, this is a monster of a knife. 

(I had a friend who had one of these and cut himself with it on the first day he had it. Rambo, he is not.)

The Last Blood Heartstopper

The original Last Blood Heartstopper Knife was designed by German custom knife designer, Dietmar Pohl. This officially licensed replica is a serialized limited edition of only 5000. Featuring a full extended tang and hand ground polished blade and it is beautiful.

These knives are manufactured by Hollywood Collectables Group, "HCG", and are a couple of our latest editions that we are offering here at Apocalypse1.