Bushcraft Fire Starter Necklace

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Scraper, Firesteel, Tinder, and Paracord sleekly and stylishly combined into a modern unisex necklace. Features: custom ceramic scraper, Firesteel, 550 FireCord, 30" of firestarting tinder tied with traditional mountaineering knot, the Alpine Butterfly. Breakaway safety clasp. Resizable. Cord color: Black.

Made in the USA

1/8" Round Leather Cord

41" Untied Length

Custom Antiqued Mahogany Color

Free of Lead, PCP, Mercury, Formaldehyde, or OtherCarcinogenic/ Hazardous Chemicals

0.3" Diameter X 1" Length Firesteel

Chamfered Edges for Comfort

Ferrocerium Material Can Be Scraped Slowly To Produce Flammable Shavings Or Scraped Quickly to Throw Sparks

Shavings Burn at 5,500F

Ceramic Pendant Will Not Dull or Corrode

Sliding Doubloe Fisherman's Knot Adjusts From 14" to 26"